• June 03, 2019
  • Emily Brangwynne

Congratulations to SNHU/Duet Class of 2019!

On May 12, our largest graduating class to-date walked the stage at Southern New Hampshire University's 2019 commencement. We were thrilled to celebrate with them and 500+ friends and family members.

Check out some great photos and video from our graduation pre-party below!

SNHU/Duet 2019 Graduation Celebration

   Some stats about our graduates:

  •    147 people have earned SNHU degrees powered by Duet in total to-date (Associate and Bachelor's).
  •    Average time to Associate degree completion is 17 months.
  •    Average time to Bachelor's degree completion is 19 months.
  •    To complete both the Associate and Bachelor's degree it has taken Duet students an average of 33 months.
Duet/SNHU graduate Fabrice on why the program worked well for him as a working adult:


Congratulations to the SNHU Class of 2019!