• November 21, 2018
  • Emily Brangwynne

New Accelerated Degree Program Available!

Earn your degree quickly, while still working fulltime.

Duet is a new college option designed for today's student. Through Duet, students can earn their degree quickly without sacrificing their ability to work full time or focus on other personal and family priorities.

We’re excited to tell our partners and potential students about our accelerated degree partnership with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU).

In the past, we’ve focused on our flexibility, but given the results of our first 100 graduates, we want to make sure students and their advisors know we also offer an opportunity to earn a degree much faster than anywhere else—without having to slow down at work.

What does it look like? 

An AA and BA program where the learning is "on demand" and there is no limit to how many credits a student can earn in a semester. This paired with a dedicated acceleration team and the ability for students to complete their degree quickly while still working full time. 

Can students really earn their degree in 18 months? 

We now have over 100 AA graduates. On average, SNHU students whose AA degree was powered by Duet earned their diploma in 18 months. 

We have 50 students enrolled in BA degrees and seven BA graduates, all who earned their degree in under three years.

How do students go so fast?

There are no limits to how many credits a student can earn in a semester. Learning and assignments are available on demand so more work from students brings their graduation date closer. This is paired with high-touch, personalized advising, and a campus experience that meets students' needs: open late and on weekends, wifi and computer access, babysitting, lunch, and dinner provided.

How much does it cost?

$3,250 per semester. Students can use financial aid if they are eligible and Duet supports students in accessing aid. Students pay by semester not by credit so the accelerated program means cost savings for the student. There are no remedial classes, no books to buy, and no unexpected fees.

Who should be thinking about Duet?
  1. Students who are enrolled in an AA program elsewhere and going part-time.

  2. Students who have been enrolled for at least one semester elsewhere and will finish the semester with less than 15 credits (therefore highly unlikely to earn an AA in two years or less).

  3. Students not currently enrolled in college and looking to complete their degree quickly while working.

  4. Students with an AA looking to earn a BA.

How can you learn more?
  • Text or call us: 617.712.2848

  • Drop by our student center at 50 Milk St: Mon-Thurs: 7am-9pm, Friday: 8am-5pm , Saturday: 10am-6 pm and Sunday: 2pm-9pm

  • Visit our website and fill out this form: https://duet.org/enroll/

Enrolling now for Dec 1st + Jan 1st!