• February 11, 2019
  • Emily Brangwynne

Why Do Students Choose Duet?

SNHU and Duet offer students the chance to finish their degree faster than anywhere else…while working full time!


How do we do it?

Just like Netflix changed the way we watch videos, Duet/SNHU redesigned college to meet the needs of today's college student.

Blockbuster Model (other colleges):
  • Students can only take a limited number of classes per semester.
  • Students can only take the classes being offered that semester, at the date and times they are being offered.
  • Students pay tuition based on the number of classes they take (there is no way to contain or reduce costs).
Netflix Model (Duet and SNHU):
  • On day 1, students have access to all of the work of their degree, and there are no limits to how much they can complete.
  • Students can complete their work anytime, 24/7 making it possible to work fulltime and get lots of schoolwork done at the same time.
  • Students pay by semester and the more work they complete, the less they pay per credit. They are uniquely in control of how long they are enrolled and how much their degree costs.

For the first 100 students who earned an SNHU degree powered by Duet:

  • Average time to complete an Associate degree: 17 months 
  • Average time to complete a Bachelor's degree (for students who had already obtained an Associate): 19 months
  • Average time to complete BOTH the Associate and Bachelor's degree: 31 months (all in under 4 years)
Meet Dawdu, who earned his degree with SNHU via Duet in 9 months. 

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