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Southern New Hampshire University partners with industry leaders to make sure you're learning the skills that matter most in the workplace.

The result? A respected liberal arts degree built around the fundamentals — like critical thinking, decision making, and collaboration — that will help you get ahead in your career.

Southern New Hampshire University is a fully accredited, private, nonprofit university founded in 1932.

Duet and SNHU are here to support you on the road to success — in school, in work, and in life.




  • Accredited Associate and Bachelor's degree programs
  • An online and project-based curriculum 
  • Low cost and high flexibility
  • Timely reviews of your work and constructive feedback

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  • A personal coach for academic support and motivation
  • Study space at our downtown Boston campus
  • Personalized career coaching



Listen to Obama speak to the power of SNHU's competency based degrees:

Degree Programs

Associate of Arts

General Studies

Specialization: Business

Develop personal and foundational business skills—critical thinking, problem solving, communication skills, and more.

Specialization: Transforming the Customer Experience

Build the knowledge that will help you excel on the frontlines, including the skills you need to connect with customers.


Associate of Arts

Healthcare Management

Learn to be part of a high-funcitoning medical team at a community health center, long-term care facility, hospital, or medical practice.


Bachelor of Arts


Specialization: Business

Master the business and communcations skills you need in an information-driven world driven technology, data, and social media.

Specialization: Healthcare Management

Gain the insights you need to master basic medical concepts and succeed in a complex, changing healthcare system.


Bachelor of Arts

Healthcare Management

Specialization: Global Perspectives

Gain the skills to necessary to succeed across the industry in an increasingly connected world — from hospitals and research organizations to insurance companies and government agencies.

Specialization: Communications

Prepare to become an effective administrator in an evolving field where the patient experience is increasingly critical.


Bachelor of Arts


Specialization: Public Administration

Build foundational business skills as you explore the structure and functions of government along with ethics, theory, and policy.

Specialization: Logistics and Operations

Develop the management skills critical to planning and coordinating the operations, finances, and human resource of organizations.

Specialization: Insurance Services

Advance your professional career with the management skills and knowledge that are essential in today’s insurance services environment.