Your Acceleration Team


From our Enrollment and Financial Aid specialists to our Academic and Career Coaches, each of us brings a unique set of skills and experiences to our work at Duet.


Headshot of Mirtha Arias

Mirtha Arias

Operations and Human Resources Manager

Headshot of Saira Lopes

Saira Lopes

Academic Coach

Headshot of Julian Addy

Julian Addy

Academic Coach

Headshot of Teo Barbalho

Teo Barbalho

Academic Coach

Headshot of Joe Bogle

Joe Bogle

Academic Coach

Headshot of Emily Brangwynne

Emily Brangwynne

Director of Development and Communications

Headshot of Michele Carroll

Michele Carroll

Director of Employment Services

Headshot of Chris Correa

Chris Correa

Director of Recruitment

Headshot of Jahfree Duncan

Jahfree Duncan

Director of the BA Program and Senior Coach

Headshot of Tena Fenton

Tena Fenton

Senior Academic Coach

Headshot of Bob Hill

Bob Hill


Headshot of Mike Larsson

Mike Larsson

CEO + Co-Founder

Headshot of Jasmine Clark

Jasmine Clark

Employment Coach

Headshot of April Inniss

April Inniss

Academic Coach

Headshot of Mary Leviner

Mary Leviner

Director of Enrollment

Headshot of Liz Marino

Liz Marino

Chief of Growth and Strategy

Headshot of Danny Rivera

Danny Rivera

Director of Coach Development and Community Engagement

Headshot of Khaleel Shreet

Khaleel Shreet

Senior Coach & Director of NH Program

Headshot of Amanda Tassinari

Amanda Tassinari

Senior Academic Coach

I feel like I'm part of a community and everyone wants me to succeed.

Fred, Associate and Bachelor's Degree Graduate from Duet