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At Duet (formerly Match Beyond), we're excited to help lead the movement in reinventing higher education. We'll share all that we are learning in that effort and news we think you’ll want to know.

“A new breed of education startup”?

It sounds too good to be true: Start with a flexible online education—one that allows adult students to speed through the material they already know rather than plod through prerequisites semester by semester. Then, combine that with all the real-world supports that online degrees don’t offer, including a community of fellow students, a coach who meets with you face to face, a quiet study space, and maybe even a free lunch. All with a sticker price that is mostly covered by the federal Pell Grant for low-income students. As utopian as it might sound, there are a handful of nonprofits across the country—including in Boston, Texas, and California—that seek to offer just that: an affordable and flexible degree from a high-quality online program, paired with in-person assistance to help working adults, parents, first-generation students, and those with remedial education needs.

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Forbes -- New Study: Less Expensive Competency Based Education Programs Just as Good as Traditional Programs

Competency based education BostonWe are excited to see how this Forbes' article supports the competency based education model that Duet and SNHU are pushing for! Students not only learn more through CBE programs but that this model is more affordable, flexible and provides work readiness skills. 

The average tuition for a bachelor’s degree at a traditional four-year college increased more than 15 times faster than the average household income in the United States. Students who borrow graduate with an average of $27,000 in student loans. Student loan defaults slow economic growth by limiting access to credit, stifling entrepreneurship, and reducing long-term buying power. 

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Programs such as Da Vinci Extension, Match Beyond and PelotonU...embody the kind of innovative thinking needed to tackle higher ed’s intransigent problems, and they are pioneering new approaches to equitable, sustainable and scaleable postsecondary education.

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At Match Beyond, (we) have had success building relationships with employer partners that help our students and graduates earn jobs that suit their skills and interests.

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Education Next

Match Beyond, launched in late 2013, offers accelerated degree programs through a pioneering approach that combines online education—provided by a partner, Southern New Hampshire University—with intensive coaching and support, including job-placement counseling.

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