How Duet Fits into the Life of Bianna Bautista, a Full-time Nursing Assistant, Fitness Enthusiast and Dominican Mother from Dorchester


“I love the fact that you have coaches at Duet! I feel like the treatment and tools that Duet provides, are a recipe for success.” 


Where do you live and what are some of your hobbies? Duet students

I live in Dorchester. I grew up in Dorchester and went to ACC in Brighton and Hyde Park High. I enjoy running, working out, traveling and reading. I like to read non-fiction books and documentaries based on real life people. 


What are some of your Interests? 

I have a big passion for helping people, so some of my interests include running for a good cause. I came across a team to raise money for children in India. Especially for girls in India who cannot afford school. And this will be my first time running in a race! This group has raised $850K dollars over the past few years. 

Running the Boston Marathon is also on my bucket list. It is very competitive to get in, but in the future,  I would love to accomplish this. Lately, I have been passionate about health, I turned into a vegetarian two weeks ago. 

Tell me about your Education History:  

To be honest, I didn’t know what to do after high school. Because I didn’t have a clear direction of what I wanted, I did not pursue college right after high school. I had a gap in between, and I had my son at 19 years old. I signed up at community college where I went through a couple of different fields, I ended up at a Patient Care Technician program where I was able to obtain my certified nursing assistance license and started working at Boston Medical Center.

While at BMC, I joined YearUp. I had tried YearUp after high school and it didn’t work out at that time because I had my son and it was too much at that time. I knew the YearUp option was there and through YearUp I heard about Duet. I have been enrolled at Southern New Hampshire University through Duet since July of 2017. I am doing the AA track for Business and Finance. 

My ultimate goal is to work in healthcare management. I want to move to the bachelor’s program for healthcare management at SNHU through Duet once I complete the AA. 

Why did you choose Duet? 

I chose Duet and SNHU because Duet was the perfect program for my lifestyle. The flexibility and the fact that you work on your own pace works perfectly with my schedule. A lot of times, it’s hard when you go to college and you have to schedule your time with your classes, but SNHU courses are always available. On my down time at work, I work on my SNHU projects. 


Duet coaches How is it working with your Duet coach? 

The coaching is very unique and there have been times when I felt overwhelmed and the coaches encourage me and help me refocus. I love the encouragement that Duet provides! 

What’s challenging about Duet?  

The challenging part of the program is that you need to have a lot self-discipline and be self-motivated. You have to give yourself goals. You need to have the motivation to get your projects done in a timely manner. 


"Duet gives you the ability to get your degree at a faster rate and gives you more support. It’s like a family in a way. When I was in community college, I didn’t really get to know the professors or students well. I feel much more included at Duet." 


Are there any benefits of the Duet program versus Community College? 

Yes. With Duet, you constantly work on a project until you master it and you learn from your mistakes, which helps you earn a good grade. I like the ratio of grades and flexibility. SNHU tutors are available 24/7 and they are very helpful! There is someone online at all times for any subject. If you really like a tutor, you can save them and request to work with them again. This service is not offered at community colleges. 

What do you think higher education will look like in 50 years? 

I see it as Duet and its partnership with SNHU. Duet is a movement for the new generation. 

Duet and the partnership with SNHU is a great innovative way for students to get their high education. Now that we are more technologically advanced, options like Duet are easier and more flexible. 


What advice would you give someone who is looking to get a post secondary degree? 

I would suggest Duet because I feel like you have nothing to lose. A great way to achieve your higher education at a minimum cost and at a flexible pace. I can work anytime I want. It works for adults, parents, and students who want to get back in school and it's very straightforward.  



Bianna Bautista

Duet Student enrolled in AA Healthcare Management

Interviewed by Cristina Costa, Director of Marketing at Duet

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