An SNHU degree, powered by Duet.

The MOST affordable way to earn your college degree.

With a tuition freeze in place until at least 2024, and no surprise fees, you can rest easy that paying for college won’t be the barrier to you earning your degree. With Duet, your team of acceleration coaches will provide everything you need to earn your fully accredited degree from Southern New Hampshire University on time with little to no debt.

How It Works

Choose an accredited degree from SNHU and when you want to graduate.

An enrollment coach will guide you through every step of our enrollment process.

Work hard. Graduate sooner. Pay less.

In this "on-demand" college model there are no limits to how many credits you complete in a semester. The more work you get done, the sooner you graduate and the less you pay for your degree.

With a tuition freeze in place until at least 2024 and no surprise fees, SNHU & Duet is the most affordable college option in Eastern, MA. Students pay a fixed tuition rate of only $2,333/trimester, $7,000/annually which includes a fall, spring, and summer term. With financial aid, the out-of-pocket cost is significantly less.

Benefit from a team of advisors to support you from enrollment to graduation.

From enrollment to financial aid to academics, you'll have a team of coaches to help you accelerate your degree.

Launch your career.

Experience the career services you've been dreaming of. You'll receive one on one career advising at every stage of your job search and career development - while you are enrolled and after you graduate!

You no longer have to choose between earning a living and earning your degree.

Hear from our grads how they earned their degrees quickly while working full time.


SNHU Associate Degree Graduate

2.5 Years to Earn Degree

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